International Students

Study in Canada (International Education Counselling)

Canada has approximately 200+ Universities & Colleges, with more than 15,000 programs to choose from. This information can be overwhelming for the prospective  student. Each University, College has its own tuition fees and each province has their own living costs. Some programs do not qualify for Permanent Residence, likewise some institutions will not be recognized by Federal Authorities for Canadian Immigration programs. At the same time some Universities and Colleges and programs offer a quicker way to becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

This is exactly where a RCIC and an ICEF Certified Canada Course Graduate – Education Agent can help.

The first step of the process is in determining the following:

The education needs and career goals of the student.
The financial budget of the student.
The education interest of a student, a program that they are likely going to succeed in
Student aptitude and what programs will best suit him/her.
Programs that will offer a quicker route to permanent immigration and economic establishment in Canada.

Study Permits, Visas and Arrival to Canada

Once an admission letter from the University or college is secured. We can then work on obtaining a study permit for the student. This is handled in detail by the RCIC and written submissions are made. We provide counselling on the below mentioned bullet points:

Study Permit and TRV applications
On-campus / Off-campus work permits
Post-graduate work permits
Permanent Resident options for International graduates.
Status restoration applications -incase of overstay or fall out of status. ​
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