Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Every year millions of people visit Canada for tourism, to visit family or for business. Most travellers need a visitor visa (also known as temporary resident visa)who want to travel to Canada to visit family and friends, for business or tourism. As a general rule, majority of visitors are admitted for a period of six months. Obtaining TRV seems to be easy, but it can be a challenging process because a person must fulfill certain requirements before visa being granted.

Requirements for visitor visa:

You must have a valid travel document, like a passport.
You must be in good health and have no criminal or immigration-related convictions.
Convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets, or family—that will take you back to your home country.
Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit.
You have enough money to visit, stay and return.

Super Visa

A super visa allows Parents and Grandparents of Canadian citizens and Permanent residents to visit Canada for up to 2 years at a time. It’s a multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries for a period up to 10 years.

Requirements for Super visa:

You must be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
You have a signed letter from your child or grandchild who invites you to Canada that includes a promise of financial support for the length of your visit.
You must have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company with a coverage of at least $100,000 and is valid for at least 1 year from the date of entry.
The child or grandchild who invites you must prove that their household meets the minimum necessary income for the recent tax year.
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