Special Cases

As a permanent resident or a foreign national in Canada, you could have contravened the Immigration Refugee Protection Act or the Immigration Refugee Protection Regulation. This could render you inadmissible to Canada, subject to a removal order (deportation, departure or exclusion). If you are in this situation, we have your back and there are several ways that you can extend or continue your stay in Canada legally.

Some common ways of becoming inadmissible to Canada are the following:
Driving under the influence of alcohol, also known as a DUI which is very common.
Commission or Conviction of a crime in Canada or abroad, which is equivalent to a crime, in the Canadian Criminal Code.
Misrepresentation in your application, not declaring your spouse in an immigration application is very common.
Inadmissible due to a serious medical condition that puts public health in danger or puts a financial burden on the public.
Serious criminality, criminality, organized crime, war crimes etc. are some common inadmissibility's as per the IRPA.
Contravention of any section of the IRPA / IRPR can also render you inadmissible. ​
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