Benefits of obtaining permanent residency status in Canada

Canada has become a popular destination amongst immigrants all over the world. Most of the residents in the country are immigrants from different parts of the world. It is because Canada has always been welcoming with its super-friendly policies. So if you are looking or are planning to immigrate to Canada, we have brought you the fantastic benefits you can enjoy after obtaining the PR.

Benefits of Canadian PR

Live and Work in Canada

Canada is ranked as the second-best place to live and work. It is one of the best places rich in sustainability, culture, quality of life, and economic influence. Once you have the PR, you can easily move to any territory or province. And you are also not required to remain with the same employer, job, or region.

Medical Care

The Canadian government provides universal health care as part of Canadian immigration. It is free for all permanent resident visa holders and covers all prescribed drugs paid through taxes.

Easy processing of visa

Most Canadian permanent residency cards are valid for five years, and some are valid for just one year. There is also no limit on how often you can extend your visa. The officer considers your history and purpose of determining and verifying whether you have any valid reason to stay.

Allowed to bring family

If you happen to be a PR holder, your family also gets special benefits. And as they become permanent residents, they can also live, study and work in Canada. 

Free Education

The Canadian government provides free education to students up to the grade 12 for all permanent residents. There are three levels of education, primary, secondary, and higher. Also, the tuition fees for university education are lesser for permanent residents.

Social benefits

As immigrants with PR, you get 40 credit points and also get benefitted from many of the social security benefits. You can enjoy high-paying jobs, retirement payments, disability benefits, and survivor benefits for deceased workers.

Freedom to move

With a Canadian PR card, you can move outside, or stay in Canada multiple times. It allows you to relocate easily and live in another province. Throughout the country, you can easily look for a new job, opportunity, or other sources of income.

Finally, as we know, Canada is known as a paradise for immigrants due to its welcoming nature, rising economy, and simple immigration procedures. Therefore, it is ideal for people to come and permanently settle in the country permanently. So go ahead and start planning for your permanent residency in Canada. The benefits listed above are just a few that you must know before applying for the process.

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