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Consultation Terms & Conditions:
This Initial Consultation Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of an Initial Consultation meeting between Amrinder Ghuman acting on behalf of Rajas Immigration Services Inc. (“we” or “us”), and the undersigned Client (“you”):

1. Purpose of Consultation. The purpose of the Initial Consultation is for us (a) to learn about you and your particular immigration situation based on the information you provide, which may include one or more aspects of the Canadian immigration process and related procedures; (b) to answer your questions to the best of our ability; (c) to identify your options and, to the extent possible, analyze the costs and benefits of those alternatives; (d) to help you determine your course of action if any; (e) to determine the next steps in the process, as appropriate. All information and documents that you provide to us shall remain strictly confidential.

2. No Legal Authority Granted. You agree and understand that this agreement does not constitute your engagement of Amrinder Ghuman to act as your Authorized Representative in respect of any matters relating to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and/or the Canada Border Services Agency.

3. Fee and Cancellation. In exchange for scheduling an Initial Consultation with Amrinder Singh of up to 30 minutes in duration, you agree to pay a non-refundable Consultation Fee of $50CAD (general consultation ) or $100CAD for up to 60 minutes in duration to Rajas Immigration. Despite the foregoing, if your Initial Consultation appointment is cancelled with at least 24 hours of advance notice provided to us, we will refund the Consultation Fee to the credit card you provided. Furthermore, you may re-schedule your Initial Consultation appointment with at least 24 hours advance notice provided to us without penalty.

4. Acceptance. By submitting payment to us, you indicate your agreement to these terms, you will by that action agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth above in this Initial Consultation Agreement and acknowledge that any further engagement of Amrinder Singh will require a further written agreement with different terms.

5. Entire discussion of the immigration application will be kept very confidential along with the applicant’s personal details.

6. Entire appointment fees will be adjusted against the application expenses if you choose to proceed with Rajas Immigration

7. No further appointment fees if you choose to proceed with Rajas Immigration.

8. Enter the details in the Assessment Form to have your answers ready within the appointment meeting. This is not mandatory/compulsory but advisable for a healthy discussion.

9. Email your most important queries to info@rajasimmigration.com for better case preparation by immigration consultants before scheduling an appointment.

10. Immigration Consultants are proficient in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu languages.

11. Please choose a time zone and appointment as per your convenience and we will meet to solve your immigration problems.

12. Meetings can be Audio(Phone/WhatsApp) or Video(Google Meet/Zoom Meeting), based on client preference. *in-person meets will resume in January 2022 for Calgary and Regina Offices, depending on your preferred location.

Client Helpline : +1 (587) 439 1460