Top mistakes to avoid when applying for Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

Are you planning to apply for spousal sponsorship in Canada?

Well, you are at the right place. We are experts handling various visa processes for people looking for support. Some people hire professional services because they can guide you correctly and make the entire process hassle-free. While it is possible to handle your application, it can be a lengthy and complicated process.

Today, we will discuss the top mistakes you must avoid while applying for spousal sponsorship in Canada.

Using the wrong version of application forms

It is important you check carefully the application forms you are using. This is because immigration refugees and citizens frequently update the forms. If you submit an older version of the application, it can result in IRCC returning your application. Be sure to choose the right form and read all instructions carefully.

Incomplete documents

Applicants must provide complete documentation to prove the authenticity of the relationship with the partner. This can include reference letters from friends and family members. Other forms can include photographs of couples at social events etc. If you fail to submit adequate supporting documents, your application can be rejected.

Incorrect fingerprints

Immigration Canada is very strict about regulations where applicants must give their fingerprints. If the applicant is already in Canada, they must submit fingerprints and photographs to the biometric services collection point. 

Submission of documents under the wrong category

Don’t submit documents that contain incorrect information. It is considered a crime. Not only will your application get refused, but it can also impact your future applications.

Applying the wrong visa address

Some applicants make the mistake of submitting an application to the wrong address. You must check the application carefully and send it to a different office for inland and overseas application. Check the address to avoid your application being returned or lost.

These are the few essential things you need to take into consideration while applying for a visa. Make sure to read all the documents and follow instructions carefully. You can also get an application package from the government of Canada if you wish to access the same. Just follow the basic guide if you are applying on your own or get in touch with professional services.

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