Top Questions Asked to Students During Immigration?

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Immigration is not as easy a process as it may seem. In Fact, the students who arrive in a foreign land may find it hard as they may be questioned at the airport. Yes, that is true. So if you are traveling to Canada for higher studies, you may be questioned at the airport. To help you deal with this, we have compiled a list of essential questions you can expect upon arrival. With these questions, you will know what you can expect and how to respond to those questions.  The most commonly asked questions include the following-

Where do you stay in India, and what last school or college attended?

Here you can simply answer the school or college you have last attended. You can provide address details in full, along with the noteworthy landmarks. It would be great to mention that after finishing the course, you would be excited to return to your country and start working there.

Why you chose Canada for higher studies?

Airport officials may inquire you on this aspect as to why you chose Canada. There are various reasons why students can decide to come here. One reason you can specify is that there are a large number of internationally famous universities that provide a range of programs to meet the educational requirements.  Also, another factor in specifying is that immigrants are welcome with open arms, making Canada your preferred choice. You can tell about the career prospects and high compensation packages you may access based on your studies.

Have you ever been to the country before?

When you are a student, the most common question asked is if you have earlier been to the country or how many times you have visited Canada. If you have, they may ask you how long you have remained there and your previous activities. They can inquire why you are coming there and how long you intend to stay.  You must provide clear information with essential details such as your visit’s purpose and the length of stay.

Which university are you going to attend in Canada?

Here you need to explain which university you are attending. Your response will be useful in assisting the immigration officer in determining whether the student is permitted to enter the country. 

What program are you enrolled in?

Be ready to answer this question because it is the most common question for students visiting Canada for higher studies. It’s important to be aware of the program details and the anticipated length of studies you will do. It is essential to be prepared with all your documentation in case an officer wishes to see them. These are some of the most common questions. You may prepare yourself in advance before you arrive at the Canadian airport.  Need further assistance with immigration support? If you need any immigration, visa, travel, or temporary foreign worker program visa in Canada-related assistance, then you are at the right place. At Rajas Immigration, we have experienced professionals who can help you go through the process conveniently. Get in touch, and let’s start working on your application.

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